Nepal Fair Trekking
"The Real Adventure together in Himalaya"

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

Nepal may be a land of topographical diversities crossed by high mountains and turbulent rivers with a mosaic of diverse ethnic groups with their own individual & distinct culture & economy. This anthropological garden where diverse races, clans, tribes and indigenous people bloom within the not-to-be-found elsewhere Himalayan atmosphere may be a popular tourist destination within the world.

Here, the agricultural people sleep in the open plains, green hills and therefore the Rockies with perennial snow. Nepal’s varied, most exotic and nonparallel physical and natural settings have immensely added to the cultural attributes of her people. Rising gently from the ocean level to the very best peak on earth Everest, possessing tropical to arctic climate and vegetation and inhabiting quite 36 ethnic groups speaking over 70 languages, Nepal really stands naturally, geographically & culturally unique within the world. during this tour, we’ll be visiting the places – Kathmandu Valley Tour, Nagarkot, and Chagunarayan Temple, Durbar squares, Kathmandu Valley.

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