Nepal Fair Trekking
"The Real Adventure together in Himalaya"

Warm Welcome to Nepal Fair Trekking!

A very unique Trekking Agency in Nepal founded and established by native Nepalese tourism experts and professionals promoting quality Tourism in Nepal and the bordering Himalayan regions.

Nepal Fair Trekking is the way to your dreams adventure holidays like its name has decades of experience in quality service in the Himalaya region of Nepal and the neighboring countries India, Tibet, and Bhutan. In contrast with other tour companies in Nepal, NFT have the very best staff and many other services our excellent service is always ready everyday to major tourist destinations of the Himalaya region and we have excellent services and professional staffs and teams on the job, our staff are well versed in the knowledge of Eco-Tourism, very calm and composed guides with vast knowledge of the route, and environmentally friendly.

Over decades of experience and pioneering new areas, Nepal Fair Trekking have the most thrilling and exceptional rafting and trekking route and unlimited adventure, for you all to share our fascinating country with its ever-smiling people in the tranquility of the magnificent Himalayan river scenery. NFT have a choice of trips from easy, moderate, and adventurous to challenging to suit all kinds of people from beginners, family with children, students, and elderly and for the strong adventurer.

Choice of Rafting and Trekking adventure for School groups, Family, and for all time adventurers: